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Business cakes

There are a lot of reasons to throw a party!

Is there a new project, product, Birthday, retirement, anniversary? Do you need to give special thanks to big clients? Maybe trowing a big Christmas party and are you looking for a Christmas sweet table? You see; there are many reasons for a special cake. We are proud to have served many large company, big names in the industry and VIP's.

First, let's give some information before we show the link to our photo gallery.


Our cakes normally are 6,50/7,50 a serving. 3D carves cakes are 8,50 a serving. In some cases we charge you a different price in case of a simple logo cake, or when your wish involves extreme handwork. When a large amount of cakes are needed, or if the order is substantial we offer you a different price.

Normal buttercream topped cupcakes are 2,50 each. Custom made cupcakes starts from 4,50 each.

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Our delivery man ask within Amsterdam 20 euros.

Outside Amsterdam it is 2 euro a km from our studio to your location. (one way calculated)

Ofcourse you can take charge of delivery yourself.

How to order:

By mail; please mail us your idea, how many serving and what date. You will then receive a an answer and quotation. Further details will be done by mail or phone.

Personal: place call us to make an appointment at 06 - 16092742

Terms / conditions of payment

Payment is usually upfront. Are we familiar with your company then its within 14 days. Some company are hold by a 90 days payment policy. This policy is very unfriendly for small artisan companies like ourselves . If you can not find yourself in our terms of payment then we are sorry to decline any business with you.

                                                         Have a look at many of our special company cakes

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